2018, Home Projects

Charming Hanger


I just love organization. Don’t you?! It certainly makes life a whole lot easier.

Since our house is brand new, it definitely needs a lot of organization. From hangers to storage solutions, there are endless possibilities. The question is where to start.

So with that in mind, I thought I would start with one room at time as it makes it easier to get all your ducks in a row with one rather than trying to juggle back and forth from room to room. Plus it’s just hard to wrap your head around storage solutions and creative decorating when you are jumping from room to room.

Since my daughter is the pride and joy of my life, I thought I would start with her room and bathroom first.

We needed something to hang our towels and robes on. Sarah was given a shelf from a friend who was moving and needed to get rid of some stuff. It had these crystal door knobs on it for hanging things. The shelf itself was just not our style so we decided to  make our own style of hanger for her bathroom.


We began by cutting a piece of pine wood.

We sanded it down and wiped any excess dust away.

We used Provincial stain by Minwax. It really is a beautiful slightly orangish brown color.


Once the stain dried, we were ready to drill the holes for the bolts to go through. We had four crystal knobs to attach so we measured the height and width of the holes to center.


Using a 1 inch drill bit, we drilled holes just deep enough for the bolts to sit flush with the wood.


We attached the knobs with the bolts and tightened.


Dusting the finished product off, we were ready to hang.

Since we did not have a special tool to create hanging holes on the back side, we decided to just screw the wood to the wall. It was not my first choice to have screws showing, but I think it came out ok. Screwing the wood to the wall felt like a more secure solution than to use picture frame hooks that could come off when taking a towel or a robe off the knob.


I have to say, I am really liking the outcome. It is simple, but still just the right organization that we needed.

Another project checked off my list for the MagNola house! Job well done! Now let’s see what else is on the list.

Until next time…

Love and Hugs,

Amy O


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