2018, January, Sewing Projects

Soup Bowl Cozy

Hi friends!

How’s the weather your way? Hoping your soul is full of sunshine and it’s showering joyful thoughts your way.

Earlier last week, I began making a soup bowl cozy that really brought some sunshine and joy to my heart. I thought maybe you would like to learn how you could make some too! I can truly say these were a joy to make and SO EASY!!!

So let me give you a few “things to know” before you start.

  1. These soup bowl cozies MUST NOT BE MICROWAVED! This is a must know as the Insul-bright material is not microwaveable.
  2. They are machine washable! Yay! Definitely a must know as well. 😁

Ok! So let’s get started.

First things first. You gotta get your supplies together.

Supply list to make four soup bowl cozies:

1/2 yard of decorative colored material

1/2 yard of solid colored material

1 and 1/2 yards of Insul-bright material (I found all of mine at Hobby Lobby)

Thread that matches your material

Sewing machine (I think this is a must 😉) Scissors

Pinking shears (optional)

Seam ripper (just in case)

Cutting board


Sewing pen/pencil to mark with


Mason jar lid

**********Once you have all your supplies, you can begin the fun!**********

You will want to begin by cutting your material in 10×10 squares making sure to cut two pieces of Insul-bright for each piece of your material.

Pin your material to the Insul-bright for both pieces. Sew an X from corner to corner on both pieces.


Draw a PLUS sign from side to side opposite of the X.Take the Mason jar lid and center it in the X and PLUS sign and draw a circle.

IMG_1513 2

From the PLUS sign, measure 1 inch on each side of the line for all sides.

From the 1 inch mark on each side, draw a line from the mark to the circle. This gives you a triangle.                           


Now you are ready to cut your triangles out leaving a 1/4 in seam.


Fold your fabric in half making sure the fabric is not bunched up.

Sew the triangles corners on all four sides.

Double check your work as you are sewing.

There were times I sewed and it did not catch all the fabric or it bunched the fabric up.

Sew both pieces of material. Now make sure both pieces are showing the Insul-bright out and put them together.


Sew 1/4 inch all the way around until you reach one corner section which You will want to leave open so that you can pull it through.

Once sewn, take your pinking shears and carefully cut the excess away.

Turn the cozy right side out.

Take your scissors, put them toward the inside corner and push the corners gently out.

Next, push in the excess fabric at the opening and sew all the way around your cozy.

Last, take a needle and thread and sew a slip knit in the middle of your bowl to keep the shape of the bowl when washed.

That’s it! Super easy, right! I hope you are inspired to go and make your own. If you do, let me know!!

Hugs and Love.

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