2017, Craft Projects

Clothespin Snowflakes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, except I wish the weather would show it too, haha! I live in South Mississippi where most of the year is just a hot humid mess with a roller coaster of hot and cold winter days, however, I am still thankful for this wonderful region I live in. It’s home and I would not have it any other way.

So as I began to think about decorating for this holiday season, I asked myself “how am I going to be able to fill a nine foot tree with six foot of tree ornaments?” (since we just moved into our new house with ten foot ceilings). My mind immediately began to think of homemade ornaments and in this day and age, who doesn’t take a minute or a thousand to look on Pinterest? Right! I mean it’s the new inspiration go to. So as I was scrolling along my Pinterest feed, I found these really cute clothespin snowflakes and being the creative I am, I thought, “I can do that?!”

I was off to the Family Dollar store to hunt for some inexpensive clothes pins and I found just that. A pack of 50 for $1.25! Y’all, that is a steal of deal if you ask me! With all this FANtabulous stuff going on, I just felt I had to share, ya know, just in case you might be inspired to make a few yourself! 🙂


So Here are the supplies you will need…

  1. clothespins (obviously, or how else would you make them )
  2. hot glue or E6000 if you’re going to stain them
  3. acrylic paint for painting or stain for staining
  4. ribbon to attach in case you would like to hang them on your tree or set a few together on your mantle
  5. That’s it! Easy peezy!!


The first thing to do is to take the springs off of the clothespins. This is really easy. It may look like it would be hard, but it isn’t. Just to let you know ahead of time, one pack of 50 clothes pins makes about 6 snowflakes with a few left over.

Once you have those undone, you will need to have your glue hot and ready. Take one half of a clothespin flat side up and spread just a few dabs of glue, then take the other half and press the two together.

With 8 of those done, you can began to make the snowflake. Take two clothespin parts and glue them together right on the diagonal edge adding another clothespin until you have four glued together.

Then take the other four and glue those in between the first four. Once your done, you have a snowflake! It is super easy! At this point you can either paint them, keep them as they are for that natural look, or stain them. Just remember if you stain them to use the E6000 glue instead as the stain would unglue hot glue if you were to use it.

Please see the video below on how I made mine. My hope is that this will inspire to let your creative juices flow to make something beautiful.




Hugs and Love,

Amy O


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